Learn From Skittles The Great Appreciator!

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My family has a small Chihuahua mixed breed dog, Skittles (this is what happens when your kids name your pets). Anyway Skittles is the BEST DOG EVER! She doesn’t bark, she doesn’t eat too much, she doesn’t chew things up, she doesn’t bite, she’s just great and she LOVES me! In fact I’m her number one person.

When I come home she hears my car and races out into the living room to greet me while everyone else is greeted with a lukewarm tail wag from atop the bed. AND, I have to tell you….it feels great to be greeted with such enthusiasm, warmth and familiarity. I love it! Now why do I tell you this story? Because your donors feel the same way. They like to be appreciated, greeted, and acknowledged. If you can establish a bond, a relationship, based on mutually shared information then you are doing your job. Donors don’t think about you as much as you think about them. And guess what? If you don’t let them know that you care, that you want to exchange information–that you are excited to see them or talk to them, then they will do so with someone else who does! Meaningful relationships with your donors will engage them and help them understand how you both are connected to your organizations mission. A lukewarm acknowledgement or none at all will get you nowhere!

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