Angie Smith

Angie Smith

No-nonsense approach and sensible solutions to our client’s fundraising woes.

Angie Johnson Smith is a founding partner of Smith & Dale. Specializing in pre-campaign planning studies and capital campaigns, Angie brings a depth of experience in management and fund development consulting and has worked with a large scope of nonprofit and for-profit organizations nationally.

Formerly the principal of Take It for Granted Fundraising, Inc., Angie has more than 21 years’ experience in fund and organizational development, and believes in the Smith & Dale philosophy that client relationships must be collaborative in order to be successful.

Prior to consulting, she worked as a development professional with several nonprofit organizations. She has served as General Manager of the Albuquerque Little Theater, as Director of Development for the American Cancer Society, the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation and as Vice President for Development for the Southern Arizona Center Against Sexual Assault.

Angie has served on numerous boards and committees and is currently on the boards of Homicide Survivors, Inc., Association of Fundraising Professionals and Voices for Education. In 2013, the Association of Fundraising Professionals selected Angie as Outstanding Fundraiser of the Year.

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Fun Facts With Angie

  • FUN FACT #1: Angie loves to cook and frequently surprises and delights her family and friends with innovative and delicious cuisine.
  • FUN FACT #2: Born and raised in Sante Fe, Angie attended high school in Germany as an exchange student and is fluent in German.
  • FUN FACT #3: Angie loves to knit and her specialty is fingerless gloves.

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