Giving Tuesday ISN’T the Only Giving

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Giving Tuesday is fast approaching, Tuesday, November 29, 2016.  We highly recommend participating in this great philanthropic event.  It’s a great chance to market your organization in an on-line platform and very creative ways.  A great way to engage new donors and even your current donors.  BUT…yes there is a but…this should not be your sole or primary strategy for fundraising.

On-line giving should only be one strategy of many in your development plan.  It should not replace Major Gifts, Direct Mail or Annual Giving Campaigns.  Rather it should complement them.  We hear a lot of times in fundraising, “We will do a Kickstarter or Gofundme campaign and raise millions!”  Sorry folks – those campaigns that go viral are far and few between.  You probably have a higher chance of winning the lottery than having your crowdfunding go viral.  Crowdfunding is important, but should not make up your development plan.

3 Mistakes:

  1. I don’t have to actually ask people for money, they’ll give on-line
  2. If I create a platform for my organization, BIG money will come
  3. I don’t have to do any other fundraising because I’m going to make so much on my crowdfunding!

So while you continue to implement your comprehensive development plans be sure to participate in Giving Tuesday, but don’t hang all of your fundraising hopes and dreams on that one effort.

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