I Did My Homework – They Said No!

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No matter what, if you prepared appropriately and feel good about the solicitation, NO is always a potential answer (albeit one none of us ever want to hear).  In the words of my teenager, “Why?… Why?…”, (perhaps without the whine) is completely appropriate: let the donor tell you why they won’t make the gift.

Using phrases like, “Do I understand that ….?” or “What do you like or dislike about the proposal…?”

These questions will likely answer…

  • Is it the right amount?
  • Was the ask at the right time?
  • Was it for the right project?
  • Was it something else?

You have 3 options:

  1. Restate Your Proposal
  2. Provide a Counter-Offer
  3. Go Back to the Drawing Board

With any of the above, use your donor’s language. Listen to what they are telling you.  Make sure it isn’t just a ‘not now’.

Be gracious, say thank you, and plan for follow-up.

And congratulate yourself on cultivating a donor.

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