Strategic Planning-Introvert vs. Extrovert

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Introvert vs. Extrovert

Recently a board that I chair, Homicide Survivors, Inc. went through a strategic planning retreat. It was really great and got all of us on the same page and focusing on the future (We met at the Tucson Botanical Gardens and we got to monitor the Corpse Flower which was about to bloom-very cool) of our organization. One thing we did was rename and reorganize our committee structures. Kind of a cool idea, we now only have 3 committees:

1) Internal Affairs Committee
• Finance, HR, Facilities…
• Staffed by CFO and HR Director (or ED)

2) External Affairs Committee
• Fundraising, public relations, outreach, marketing…
• Staffed by the Development Director (or ED)

3) Governance Committee
• BOD health/functioning: recruits new members, conducts orientation, produces board materials, BOD evaluations
• Staffed by the ED (YES – the ED should participate in building the board)

We then all volunteered for the various committees…a funny observation was made. All of the introverts from our board selected Internal Affairs and the extroverts chose External Affairs!

This new structure is really going to streamline our efforts as we execute our Strategic Plan. Check out your committees…are they relevant? Are they working? Maybe a change is needed.

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