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By Guest Blogger: Diana Sheldon

Key Roles the Professional Interim Executive Director Plays:

• Serves as the face of the Organization.
• Conducts an Organizational Assessment of all operation areas.
• Provides Boards with a neutral perspective on, opportunities and next steps.
• Maintains and/or Repairs relationships with Donors, Funders & Stakeholders.
• Assists the Boards with an Executive Search.
• Leads operations until a new ED/CEO is hired.
• Assists to the organization in cleaning up organizational situations before new ED/CEO is hired.

Benefits of hiring a Professional Interim Executive Director:
Bring a fresh, more neutral perspective to organization.
The Interim ED will take an over-all look at the organization which includes Staff, Board, Volunteers, financials and facilities.

Tell Truth to Power. The Interim ED is not influenced by the prospect of future employment.
Provides space for The Board to reflect and make key decisions. Sometimes Boards are anxious to get someone in the position right away – so they make the easy decision of appointing a Staff or Board member to fill-in.

Interim ED will work with the Board and Staff to decide on the best options for the organization and its future. It is recommended the Interim ED perform an Organizational Assessment within a short time of hiring. This assessment will give the Board and even Staff a clearer picture of the current situation in program delivery, comments from interviews with Committee Members, Donors etc. The Interim ED can offer alternatives to the Board from the outcomes and can implement changes that can assist the new ED/CEO to be successful.

Calm organization in crisis or change. No matter, if the ED/CEO leaves the organization in good standing or terminated, the Board Members and Staff feel uncertain on what is next. The Interim ED can easily calm a situation by meeting with each Staff and Board member to outline their role in the organization and time-line when the new ED/CEO is expected to be hired.

The key role for a Professional Interim Executive Director is to strive to leave the Organization in better shape than they found it.

If you would like more information on hiring a Professional Interim Director, please contact Smith & Dale, 520-990-0634.

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